Dumpsters Done Right

Dumpster Rental done right = simple pricing, serious service


Listen to what Superintendents at major National Construction Companies have to say about our Dumpster Service:

1. BATSON-COOK – SkyHouse Dallas – 24-story High Rise, Downtown Dallas TX

“In traveling around the U.S. working on these fast-track projects, I find that a small local company is the way to go not only with dumpsters, but with materials and supplies as well as subcontractors. My first conversation with Gib consisted of a stern Q and A, but I was assured that we would be taken care of. It has been a pleasure working with these guys, and I would definitely use them in the future.”

                   —Charlie Meachum, Superintendent, Batson Cook


2. ARCO MURRAY – Ace Hardware Distribution Center – 600,000 square feet of Industrial Space

“If you want customer service second-to-none and a team that always aims to please, hire Bubba Tugs. They’re there when they say and I never had to worry about no-shows. The drivers were always friendly and the entire operation of “taking out the trash” was painless. This was a 600,000 square foot new build for the Ace Hardware Distribution Center here in Dallas and we got the 5-star treatment.”

                   —Joe Snyder, Superintendent, Arco Murray


3. JORDAN FOSTER – LEED Job – Penn Distribution Complex – nearly 1 million square feet of Industrial Space

“We’ve been more than pleased with Bubba Tugs’ ability to handle tons of waste materials that have to be disposed of according to LEED recycling requirements. Besides, you gotta love a guy who plies you with barbecue at Baker’s Ribs to land your business.”

—John Riggins, VP, Jordan Foster


The dumpster rental business is rife with complicated pricing and unfulfilled promises.

bub™ prides itself on two things: simple pricing and serious service.
When you rent dumpsters from bub you’ll receive quick, courteous service. If we say it’ll be there, it’ll be there! If we give you a quote on a rental, that’s the price you’ll pay. When you’re ready for us to haul it away, we’ll be there on time, and we’ll get your unwanteds outta there.

Best of all, when you get your bill, you won’t see all sorts of extra fees and surcharges that make up for the low-ball “bait” offer you took over the phone with other providers.

We can help you decide what size dumpster is right for your needs. Give you a price that is all-inclusive — nothing hidden. Then send our friendly, professional drivers to deliver and place your dumpster safely, right where you need it.

Maybe that’s why so many commercial contractors have called on bub for their roll-off dumpster needs. After dropping and hauling 1000s of roll-off dumpsters, and making lots of friends in the process, we’re confident you’ll consider Bubba Tugs your new roll-off go-to guys!

Please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 214-935-8860. We’re always around.